Sunday, 19 February 2012

Eyebrow Mania

Hey Everyone!

A slightly random post for today. I've had lots of people asking me about my eyebrows and how, where and why I've had them cosmetically tattooed.

So for your entertainment, and my embarrassment lol I'll explain their history...

So back in the day as a younster when I began experimenting with plucking, I made the mistake which I'm sure we all do at some point... OVER PLUCKING!!!!!

So you can see here that the tails of my brows are basically NON EXISTANT hahaha, I think I was 15 in this photo?

Moving on from here.... the discovery of eyebrow pencil/palletts etc... (I'll add these pictures below are certainly 5-7 years newer than the picture above!)

Now lots of people since said they look fine this way but as you can see when you look closely, It's more than obvious where I've extended my brows and made them thicker, stronger and darker.

However my BIGGEST problem I had, was rubbing my head or scratching my eye and then all of a sudden half my brow has been smeared across my forehead where I'd forgotten about them!


Then in September I discovered Dermaspa  HORRRAAAYYYYY!!!!!

This amazing place located in Milton Keynes is home to all amazing treatments from mani's and pedi's to botox and fillers!

Its has a HUGE celebrity client base and is owned by Eyebrow Queen Nilam Patel.


Anyway cutting a very long story short I decided to get my eyebrows tattooed to fix all of the dramas I'd been experiencing before.

Since having my first treatment in December 2011 I have had a top up to intensify the shape and colour of my eybrows. I will upload pictures at a later date of my full face so you can see how they differ from previous pictures, but they are still currently healing so are abit dark and scabby (gross!)

Before treatment -

First treatment-

Second treatment-

Please feel free to ask any questions about it.

See ya x


  1. Wow, I've never heard of this before. I'm happy that you're happy with the results! :)

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