Sunday, 14 August 2011

Crazy for Coastal!

I recently purchased the coastal scents 88 pallet and I love it!
I know what your thinking... Holly, it's old news, but I finally got it and its great!!!
Firstly I think its great how all the colours are highly pigmented, and have to say was pleasantly surprised1

Earlier today I was just playing around with some of the shades to see how well they blended, and it can tick that box too!

Abit slap dash with the lashes but it was just playing around today... abit of the old get ya hands (or face) dirty!

Twiggy is back in town!

Hey everyone!!
Today I spent all day in bed whilst the MR watched motor GP all afternoon, so whilst my brain cells were dying I decided to look in more detail about a website that my sister-inlaw had recently suggested for me to join, anyway after getting inspired by a 60's classic, I thought... TWIGGY!

I really enjoyed creating this 60's iconic look! I was suprised at how quick and easy it was... Anyway hope that you like it.