Friday, 23 September 2011

Sad Rag Doll

Hello again!

Time for my second look from my Doll series... I was lucky enough to have my best friend Niki be a model for me, when I said I was going to transform her into a dolly, I'm sure she had something much more glamourous in mind lol.

We had alot of fun creating this look, I was in stiches when she realised I was sticking false lashes under her eyes... All she kept saying was 'OH MY GOD HOLLY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!'

(I'll add she's fairly new to the false lash thing)

I'd already had lots of comments posted on my Facebook page describing how haunting this big eyed dolly looked, and although this was abit of an experiment for me I was fairly pleased with the outcome. Plus Niki did say she was excited to be my model again for another look :)

I hope you like this look as much as I did creating it!

Keep posted for my next look soon :) xxx

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