Friday, 16 September 2011

Mellow Yellow

Hey everyone, today I was searching the net for makeup ideas, when I came across something which people tell me again and again.... How do I wear yellow?!

I've watched countless tutorials which have subtle and dramatic variations of the colour and as its all over the catwalks at the moment I thought I'd give it ago

The amazingly talented girls on pixiwoo have in my opinion the best looks which are wearable so for anyone interested I will post video below :)

Back to my experimenting... I couldnt decide if I prefered the soft yellow OR yellow with more defined cut crease, so I built it up in layers

I really enjoyed creating this yellow eye look, and hope you try it out for yourself!

Im going to be creating a make up series soon... no clues yet as I havent quiet put everything together, but keep posted :)
comments welcome :) xx
Speak again soon :)

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